Sailing to nowhere

by Fast Motion

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released November 28, 2008



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Fast Motion Lille, France

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Track Name: Watch it burn
Verse 1:
As smoke rises in the distance and the night begins to fall
A sulfur smell fills the air, with the anger of the crowd
Some call this revolution, some call this the end
Slaves turn into leaders but they will soon all look the same

Let's spread some gasoline around
Crack a match and let it fall down
Watching the big red growing flames consume our past
Only will remain what's built to last

Verse 2:
Once tyrants have been defeated, murdered, wounded or gone
A thousand factions will arise trying to take back the crown
Yesterday dreams were forgotten by the will of the strongest ones
So many broken promises deeply engraved in the stone

And I'm just a witness
Not one of your false prophets
Struck by something senseless
That you dare call progress

Verse 3:
Kings of an ashes realm and queens of a world of dust
Your arrogance is nothing compared to your former lust
These ruins are now your palace and will soon be your grave
Enemies lurking from within, ready to seal your fate
Track Name: Father and son
Verse 1:
Loneliness walked with me in my early years
So many times you weren't there to make me feel complete

Every time I take a pen to write my name
It makes me feel so angry and ashamed
Because we've got the same, something hard to believe
You still remain my father, as far as I know I can't change this

Verse 2:
Your life seems to be a worse mess than mine
But with you, my childhood could have been so fine

Verse 3:
My blood is burning me from the inside
What I am can't provide me any pride

You are a part of my living nightmare
I'd like to hate you, but I think I can't
Some says I should learn to forgive
I've hoped you had something more to give
Track Name: Count to ten
Verse 1:
Let's face the signposts and chose our ways
Don't even worry about what we have to chose
We're standing here at the crossroad of our fates
Don't be affraid of what you think you'll lose

So close your eyes, flush your mind, count to ten. This last moment's for you
This isn't goodbye, just realize we're always be there for you.

Verse 2:
No need to look backward and regret things you're leaving here
Because best things tend to be where you are going
I wonder how bad you feel and what your fears can be
You know your friends will prevent you from falling

Verse 3:
It's been a month you're there, with a smile on your face
Today looks far better than the past morrows
As we told you, we'll soon head to your new place
Promises kept, be ready for the show !
Track Name: Falling harder
Verse 1:
You always tend to want the best
Until you get it, you'll get no rest
This constant pressure on yourself
Keeps you heart beating inside your chest

You always try to find a way
So people agree with what you say
No matter if they're not okay
Even fools have to change someday

When your most precious dreams slowly become so shattered
Your mind begins to be filled with despair and anger
A thousand voices, never expected to be heared
Are telling you the deaf ones will fall harder

Verse 2:
Your mind now seems so confused
You are so close to blow a fuse
All of this cannot be that good
You'd better stop, save your soul

So keep your eyes wide open
Expected things may not happen
Keep your goals deep in your mind
And the holy flame in your heart

Nothing to care about these voices leading me to my fall
I've fed myself with pride and arrogance, I am the only one

Verse 3:
Now remember Icarus' fall
A fulfilled dream that went too far
Don't melt the wax that can exist
Between your life and your own dreams
Track Name: Tookie
Verse 1:
Clock hands moving to the fatal point
No action could stop this process
A sharp needle as a final torment
Waiting to bring you death

Verse 2:
The Judgement Day is coming for you
Cyborgs usually don't have a heart
Twenty five years you've changed your point of view
But it means nothing to your indicters

"You will pay for your crimes"
Here are the word some people say, though evidences were not so clear, there's always someone who has to pay
"No repent for your sins"
That's how they forgot what you did during these years you spent in jail, preventing kids to live your pain

Verse 3:
It's been a while you walked away
But the wat is not yet over
Children tend to remind what you said
While guns then to shut up
Track Name: A gun in my hand
Verse 1:
I can summon small flame demons and this is not magic
Don't try to fool me or I'll teach you fear and panic
8 small pieces of steel, made to call the reaper
In a bright light flash, with a smell of powder

Blind hatred and full of rage, you can't control yourself
A nervous chillin' through your spine leading you to the worse
Keep away from that thing that makes you go insane
Before your mind forgets what life is worth

Verse 2:
It's so easy to pull the trigger but I can't figure it out
Death just got out of my hand, a body's lying on the ground
I kneel down and pray, letting my gun fall
Realising the worse and how much I've been wrong (how much I've been wrong)

Just a single second leading to jail
Just a single second where I failed
Just a single second, things went so bad
Just a single second, I've been lame
Please help me, save my soul
Voices in my head scream so loud
Please help me, heal my wounds
Summon death one more time so I can fade out
Track Name: Better left untold
Verse 1:
Some secrets are better left untold, some promises kept forgotten
Once you put light onto the shadow, it reveals someone's deepest nature
Stay away from me ! It takes so much time to build a friendship. You break it in a single minute, with your selfish attitude

Bridge 1:
I keep trying to walk forward
Step by step fight against myself, my heart's filled with contempt
You don't even know how much it's hard
Yeah, hard to believe we parted ways but I think you'll soon have to pay

Sometimes I'd like to be blind not to see what has to happen
'cause I can't avoid anything from now
Sometimes I'd like to be deaf not to be hurt by these words
'cause I can't avoid anything from now

Bridge 2:
But I will never forget the ones who tried to make me fall
If we could have shared something. These times are now over

Verse 2:
Some secrets are better left untold, some promises (been) kept forgotten
You can't fool me for a long time, time to get your money back !
Yesterday's friend, today's liar. I never let you fall down so far
But everything comes to an end, even if I first thought I could forgive once again
Track Name: Built upon ruins and ashes (Japan edition)
Couplet 1:
We all have heard about your promises for a better future
Leading some of us to fight against their own brothers
The nightmare we're living has to belong to the past
As the plague among us is spreading so fast

When bombs will stop modelling the landscape
And we won't have to fear what will be coming next
When prophets’ voices will be worth nothing
But torn pages thrown in the wind
We will stand up again, confident in ourselves
And try to get rid of our demons once again

Hot and still smoking ruins as foundations
For your deaf, blind and magnificent nation
No doubt your future will soon be a part of my past
Because it seems that it is not designed to last

The tallest sandcastles you try to build
Using ash made of cement and concrete
And all these kind of crappy materials
Leading your brand new nation to another fall

When bombs will stop modelling the landscape
And we won't have to fear what will be coming next
When your bunkers' wall begins to crumble
Burying your ideals along with your guns
We will stand up again !
Track Name: Concrete shame (Japan edition)
Couplet 1:
Hitting the sky while digging graves
Grey pedestals that will host your own shame

Thousands of human ants under a burning sun
Twelve hours a day, their heads under water
Nothing to care about your hotel rooms
Built with concrete, marble, pearl, gold ... and blood!

We don't have/want to live with concrete shame

Couplet 2:
Another guide to modern slavery
Pages you'll tear 'cause they don't fit the story

Your money can buy the tallest skyscraper
And now you try to buy our silence
By selling dreams to the wealthiest among you
I hope your pride is swallowed by a massive flood
Track Name: Back in the days (Japan edition)
Verse 1:
Back to my parent's home, taking a look at my room
Trying to find some buried treasures
Memories are surrounding me, leftovers are so precious
But remind me I'm getting older

Chorus 1:
I wish I said I never changed, but I know it's wrong
Time to react (so let's go), no more regrets
Where have I been during these years, I can't remember
Jump into the hole (so let's go), and don't look back at what you will leave behind

Verse 2:
Blow the dust, remove the cobwebs. It's now time to fix my toys<br / Bringing them to life once again
Clean the ball bearings and set up a brand new set of strings
My life is taking a second breath

Back in the days when life seemed easier
Guitar, skate, beer and fun. That's how I'd like my life to look like. Bring it back to me!

Verse 3:
I've just done something that most of my friends cannot understand
As if their lives aren't supposed to change
I fear they will wake up someday, once bored with their wives and children
Remembering their youth and the good old days

It's up to you to choose the way your life has to follow
And don't regret your early days
If ever your heart is filled with despair and sorrow
Think about the past but live for today